“Make them Smile”

We believe that every child has the right to be educated, as it not only makes an individual independent and better equipped but also helps develop the society as a whole. We at V4 Developers are trying our best to educate every child in our community who is deprived from the basic right of education…

Community Development Initiative

Innovative plan initiated by V4 developers to bring Alevoorians together to overcome any concern of Alevoorians. Project coordinated in association with Grama Panchayath Alevoor & Sarvajanika Ganeshothsava Samiti(R) Alevoor. As a first step project H2O is in progress aimed to eliminate the water scarcity in Alevoor.

Go Green Initiative

V4 Developers does a ceremonial tree plantation along with Forest Department representatives in Swatantra Layout located in Alevoor Manipal Road. In our attempt to┬árestore the ecosystem; sapling plantation has been carried across multiple residential townships.We thank the forest department who have been helping us for years together in this initiative. We make a kind request…

V4 Developers for a Social Cause

A community rally was organised by V4 Developers in association with Sarvajanika Ganeshothsava Samiti(R) Alevoor which helped us reach out to more people and bring a sense of awareness of our efforts to uplift and develop the place of Alevoor.

Retaining Culture & Beliefs

It has been a constant effort of V4 Developers to maintain a little place of worship at every one of our layouts. V4 Developers joined hands with the Shree Palan family and organised a “Punar Prathistana of Palan Mulastana” (restoration and up gradation of the deity idol), at V4 Developers’ Sujiivana Layout located at Perupade,…

Community Development – Alevoor

As part of V4 Developers social commitment – Project Swagatham was undertaken in collaboration with other prominent bodies. It was successful in setting up a bus stop at Joduraste junction, which is strategically placed in Alevoor town, facilitating people better access to public transit , also an entrance to Lord Babbu Swamy Temple and an…

Promoting Agriculture-“Kesaru Gadde”

In order to promote agriculture and create awareness of its importance in today’s times; a fun social event – “Kesaru Gadde” was organised and co-sponsored by V4 Developers at V4 Greens Layout, Alevoor. Occasions like this not only help us restore the age old tradition of rural India, but also provides an opportunity to establish…

Encouraging Youth in Sports

V4 Developers is immensely proud to have sponsored for a cricket team which has been successful in securing “Runners Up” position in District Level Cricket Tournament. We wholeheartedly congratulate the team in its efforts.

Preserving Culture

We believe that culture develops a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religions,customs and helps bring in a automatic sense of unity and belonging within people of similar mindset and background. In order to retain the tradition and heritage of a place we try our best to conduct cultural and social events at our residential…

“Ganeshotsava”-Celebrating Ganesha festival

Every year, In association with SGSA, V4Developers organizes “Ganeshotsava”. As part of the celebration, funds are raised which are further used for various community developments in Alevoor town. This event also provides a platform for all age groups to celebrate and showcase their talent.